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Scott County Bar Association

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Meena Brandt, President
Kelsey Marquard, Vice President
Dion Trowers, Past President

Lynne Jasper, Secretary 

Kristina K. Lyons,Treasurer

Ian Russell, Member, Bd. Of Governors

Garth Carlson (5/2025)
Ryan Beckenbaugh (5/2025)
Heather Carlson (5/2026)
Josh Cobie (5/2026)
Marc Wyers (5/2027)
Spencer Roudabush (5/2027)
Dan Hardin (5/2028)
 Alen Barnett  (5/2028)
Elizabeth Cervantes (05/2029)
Micah Johnson (05/2029)

SCBA FIND-A-LAWYER service is a directory provided by the Scott County Bar Association to assist its members and the public in locating an attorney. All lawyers listed in FIND-A-LAWYER are members of the Scott County Bar Association. The Scott County Bar Association does not recommend or endorse the services of those listed, nor does the omission of others from this directory imply a negative assessment, or any evaluation or recommendation whatsoever. Nothing in this FIND-A-LAWYER directory should be relied upon as legal advice. The information on these pages has been supplied by the persons and firms listed, and the Scott County Bar Association has not reviewed, investigated, or evaluated the accuracy or completeness of the information, or qualifications or competency of those listed. The Scott County Bar Association, and its members, and employees hereby disclaim any responsibility or liability claimed to have arisen from reliance upon the information contained in the SCBA FIND-A-LAWYER directory.

Neither the Scott County Bar Association, the Iowa State Bar Association, the Iowa Supreme Court nor any other agency of the State of Iowa has certified any lawyer identified here as a specialist or as an expert.